PICTURED: Austrian Susanne Mayr
A blonde hip hop dancer and charity worker promised an international career after she was spotted by a talent scout is now facing the firing squad in Indonesia after her work offer turned out to have been part of an elaborate drugs con.

Austrian Susanne Mayr, 29, was delighted when she was offered the chance for an all expenses paid trip to perform in South Africa.

Her mother Ingeborg speaking at the family home in Baden, in Lower Austria, said: “She had connections with various people in Africa because she worked at supporting a school project down there and money she earned from her dancing used to be sent there. She had even visited the region, and had always dreamt of being able to get work down there so was really happy when she was spotted by the talent scout on YouTube who contacted her over the Internet and offered her a job.

“She performed under the name Young Bebe and had quite a following, and in November she set off for her new life. But when she was in South Africa she performed a few times but then her manager told her that he had some work for her Indonesia but that she would have to get nicer luggage and he took it to a shop where they purchased a new suitcase.

“But it was part of a con and the case actually had a fake lining with the drugs hidden inside. She called me from jail to tell me about what had happened, she told me mummy, you’ve got to help me. They’re going to shoot me.”

Austrian officials have confirmed they are paying the estimated €50,000 in legal fees to try and argue the young woman’s case in the country where drug smuggling is regarded as a serious offence and with over 3 kg of crystal meth in the case, it is enough to earn her the death penalty if she is convicted.

She has reportedly cooperated with officials in telling them the full story but the volume of the drug that she had in the case still weighs heavily in favour of the death sentence if convicted.

Customs officials in the country believe the case may be connected to a second drug smuggler, a German man, who was also caught a few days later in November at Jakarta’s international airport where he had flew into from Senegal.

The German, 49, was caught carrying 4.15 kilograms of the same crystal methamphetamine drug.

“The methamphetamines were hidden in the lining of his luggage. They have a street value of 475,104 dollars,” said airport customers chief Okto Irianto.

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